Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pirate House Swap

A book I have recently finished illustrating is doing the rounds.... check out this link and go to page 6 :)

Place of work...

Ok ok, you've all been wondering! Well here is where all the magic happens and the creative ideas spread forth from my brain! :) Oh....and a picture of the famous Larry who inhabits my studio with me....

Monday, 12 October 2009


After my agency was asked to become a part of the SAA we now have our pages up and running on their site! This is great news for myself and my agency as it is literally what the name suggests., a 'hub' for all the top illustration talent around from the likes of Arena, Meiklejohn etc... Good work team! :) Click the link on the right to see our pages....

Rabbit and the Big, Red Scooter

Well it's been just over a year but this book has finally got some legs. As it's Frankfurt book Fair this week I was asked by Templar publishing who commissioned this piece to come up with some sample material to take away with them. Two sketches done, spread one and spread four, spread one went to final art and I was damn happy with what I produced bearing in mind the timescale I was given. Here is a sneaky peek at one of the vignettes... :)

Theo Paphitis Commission

Earlier this year I was asked to produce some artwork for 3 business entrepreneurs who were to open the Thinktank here in Lincoln. Shaa Wasmund got in touch the other day to see if I could come up with a similar piece of artwork for her friend and Dragon Theo Paphitis. Well here it is folks and I have to say, I was pretty pleased with it! Lot's of in-jokes going on in this piece. Hope he likes it as it is being presented to him tonight at a dinner with all the other Dragons present! Phew.... top stuff! :)


Right folks, it's only taken 2 months since my last post of a promised update and here we finally go! Mad mad couple of months but all brilliant...loads of great work being churned out! Firstly another book has been published. Big People, Little People written by Malachy Doyle is out and can be bought here :) as well as Amazon

It's a great book about this little guy who goes off in search of the land of big folk! The story came across as a bit like the tale of Brobdingnag in Gullivers Travels... It was a fun book to do! :)