Wednesday, 10 November 2010


'I haven't updated my blog for a while!' :)

Apologies for the lack of updates, but I have been so busy and I have found myself updating my facebook fan page more often which is currently acting as my alternative blog now. So for constant updates and news please pop on over to:

Where you will find an abundance of info and work. :)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A month on.....

Hi folks, sorry I've been quiet but I've been very busy working on these commissions and also doing some promotion for the Bloomsbury project coming up. I will update properly very soon but in the meantime here's a link to a recent article on the BBC website:

Hope you enjoy listening to it! :)

Monday, 12 July 2010

Great news...

So a month has past since my last post (sorry folks) but I have been very busy with lots of commissions. Will do a full update very soon but in the meantime here is some very exciting news involving London Zoo and the publisher Bloomsbury :

Thursday, 3 June 2010

More piggys

Here are a few more piggys from the sketches I did the other day :)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Sat down and sketched out a few piggy character samples for my portfolio yesterday.... Here is what I came up with! :)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How the months fly by!

Well it's May already, the sun is trying to poke it's nose out of the clouds and work is busy busy busy! Managed to finish Frog Star for Tick Tock and they are all happy with the work. Cross Chick went down really well too so much so they have used it on the front cover of their 2010 trade catalogue :) I've been carrying on with the Froebel project sent over to me from Seoul in South Korea which is coming to the end now. Also sent a few samples to my agency this week including a brief from Muller to turn their 'Little Stars' characters into picture books and literally just this moment I have sent over a sample to Egmont for their Little Red Riding Hood story. Hope they all go down well with the clients :)

Monday, 22 March 2010

'Run Rabbit,Run' published!

Hi folks, it's only a few days until my next published book's out. I received my free copies this morning and it looks great! Click here to have a look! :)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fan page up and running!

I've just created a fan page that will include updates and goings on in my world of illustration. So pop on over here to become a fan! :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

When I'm Bigger...

This morning I finally finished this book for Stone Arch across the pond in Minneapolis. Here's the cover :)

Bologna deadlines are eating my time up at the moment but I will try and post as many updates as possible for you good people!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Little Chick..!

The other book for Tick Tock is called 'Cross Chick' is the cover idea! Finished all the artwork for this book the other day and it went down a storm. So much so they are going to put it on the front and back cover of their trade catalogue for the upcoming Bologna Book Fair. How's about that then :)

Frog Star..!

The Tick Tock book called 'Frog Star' had it's cover designed it is! :)

Eco Apes over and out!

This project has been going on a few months now but the final piece of artwork was finished the other day! Eco Apes is a three book series that teaches children about recycling using three apes. Each has their own characteristic; Ragbag is the brainy one, Dot is the dim one and Bob....well he's a Baboon!! :) The front covers for the books (above) have turned out well and I'm sure the books will teach everyone that you can't grow a pizza tree or a fish and chip plant! :P

About time to update my blog...?

I think so! Sorry folks, been a bit quiet recently as I have been uber busy with loads of different projects. I've been drawing little chicks, frogs, crocodiles, rabbits, kids blowing bubbles, pandas making a mess, apes and private commissions for multi millionaires! Yes that really is the life of an illustrator! :)

Friday, 29 January 2010

Pirate House swap Approval!

So 'Pirate House Swap' has been approved by all working on it including the author....very pleased with the final product! Publication date to come......

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Start Reading - Four book series!

This four book series finished just before Christmas will be out later this year.... pop over to Amazon and purchase some copies! :P

Five Little Monkeys

This is also out very sure to keep your eyes out for it! :)

The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip is now out in hardback... take a look! :)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pirate House Swap

Well I've just sent off the last piece of artwork for this book.... big smiles all round as it's taken a while due to changes at the artwork stage etc... Just thought I'd post up the possible cover art (yet to be officially approved) so feast your eyes on the above! :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Little Chick Chick

Posted above are a few sketches I did yesterday for TickTock who have commissioned Little expected soon! :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What have I been doing?

So what have I been doing since the clock struck 12 on January 1st 2010 (2010 already??)

Finished all the work on the four book series for Wayland which is part of Franklin Watts! Nits, hiccups, broken arms the lot were the make-up of those stories but they were pretty fun to do! Should be out later this year!

Pirate House Swap is still ongoing although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is THIS FRIDAY (15th Jan). Literally just this minute received an email from Random House saying we are almost there! :)

Vicki, my agent, has asked me to get cracking on some bear plus sidekick sketches for the upcoming greetings cards show at the NEC.

Ellie, my other publishing agent, has been in touch about 'Little Chick' commissioned by Tick Tock. Cracking story about this chick who tries to find out what he's good at! Need to revise the sketches I did for them before Chrissy.

Apart from that peeps not much else can be said about 2010 so far! Work is going ace with lots more coming up! It's still bloody freezing but the snow is going, finally! Everything is peachy! :)