Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Flinty McGinty welcomes you to my Blog!

So this is my Blog! Wow I hear you say... :o) It will contain new/old pieces of work, plus some work in progress from time to time! Using this to document my year in 2008 and to illustrate(no pun intended) to people what goes on in an illustrators head and life during a typical year!
Next books to be in print are 'Pass the Food,Dude' and 'Best Friends' so keep a look out for them! I will try and update it as much as possible...

This particular sample was sent in to my agency for a possible project for Egmont. It's a book called ' Flinty McGinty and the Blown Away Day' An extremely fun and interesting story about one old man and his mission to get his scruffy dog 'McGonagall' to the 'Pooch Parlour' for his birthday treat. But something tries to get in his way on his journey through town.

Not long also to the big move into my new studio! Exciting times!!

Needless to say all my images are copyrighted, so no tea leafing :o)

Copyright in all the images on this site is the property of the artist.

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