Sunday, 24 February 2013

Great Week!

It's been just over a month or so since I last posted so apologies for the slight radio silence but it has been crazy silly busy in the studio! So much work on at the moment with the upcoming Book Fairs in Bologna and London that time just seems to fly....every year it's like this for book illustrators and every year it's always the same! :)

Do we complain? - Yes

Do we love it? Yes

Would we change it for anything else? - Not on your nelly! ;)

So what's new?! I'm currently working on all sorts and I'm trying my best not to get all my illustrations mixed up, wouldn't want pirates and dinosaurs in a Football crowd now would we? Although *starts to imagine one crazy scene*. This past week has been very cool however as in and out of scribbling tigers, doodling Hamsters and sketching giants, I had the FAB news that two of my books have been shortlisted for an award later in the year. 'Pigeon Poo', with Little Tiger, has been shortlisted in the Picture Book category for the Sheffield Children's Book Award and 'My Hamster is a Genius' in the Stinky & Jinks series has been shortlisted in the Shorter Novel category for the same award. Stinky & Pidge are up against some strong opposition so fingers crossed! If all else fails, Pidge can poop on the rest of the competition and Stinky can nibble a few toes!

I also took on a great sounding new picture book written by a leading actor/comedian whom I've always liked so that should be a lot of fun to do! Now to just find some time in the schedules to do some of my own personal portfolio work....*ponders 48 hour days* :)

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