Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bear With Me

Right, firstly, apologies again for the radio silence regarding my blog. I've been silly busy and I'm finding myself updating my Twitter and my Facebook fan page so much that this gets left behind a little bit *slaps wrist*. Still it's my turn with the 'Bear With Me' book this week so I have to post something about it as it's such a fab-tastic project to be involved in and there's only a few more Illustrators to do their page before the big auction :)

Over on my fan page and my Twitter page I'll be posting all sorts from photos to sneak peeks etc.. so keep checking for little updates. As well as that I've obviously got to come up with a page myself *wets pants slightly*'s hoping the ideas flow into my head!!

Other than that what have I been doing recently. Well I've just been sent a nice new picture book from Oz to do, I'll be starting the roughs to a picture book written by the great Charlie Higson (The Fast Show, Young James Bond, all-round comedy legend!) I've done the new cover to the next Stinky & Jinks book and I've been working on a new style. So all in all very very busy, I also popped over to France for a much needed holiday and soaked up some sun along with some wine and cheese! :)

That is where I am at this very moment in time.........I'll try and post some Bear With Me stuff on here this week when I can but there'll be all sorts going up on my fan page, Twitter and Instagram account :)

Mark, over and out!!

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